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A&P Technician - A
Location: Oklahoma, OK

Posted: 8/20/2019

 Would like for them to have landing gear remove and replace, engine remove and replace, flight control rigging and Pneumatic system operation, trouble shooting skills, and advanced aircraft systems trouble shooting and operation skills.  Do not want just “average” A/P’s, looking for someone special to meet these needs.

At least 5 years experience on DHC-7, DHC-8 , ATR-42 or ATR 72 type aircraft.  

The tools that will be required are the normal tools a technician that has worked in depot level maintenance would have in their box.

Tool boxes must be shadowed. Customer will not pay to have them shadow their boxes should they arrive un-shadowed.
It is important to make sure the candidates are aware of and commit to the fact that the customer operates as a quasi-military facility.
Conformance with the appearance standards and dress code is required. Technicians will not be allowed to start work until they are in 100% compliance.


Ref No. 2130029548