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Position: VP of Sales and Marketing (MRO Engine)Apply Now
Equipment: 10+ years
Location: Miami, FL

Posted: 1/11/2017


  • Devise and execute the company Sales and Marketing Strategy.
  • Direct and coordinate sales and marketing activities to achieve the planned growth.
  • Develop, measure and coordinate the sales cycle for improved methodologies.
  • Direct and oversee the marketing functions to identify and develop new customers by products and services.
  • Research and develop strategies and plans which identify market opportunities, direct marketing, and new project development.
  • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of sales methods, internal costs, and devise processes to ensure financial results.
  • Develop and manage sales and marketing budgets, and oversee the development and management of internal operating budgets.
  • Plan and coordinate public affairs, events and communications efforts that result in excellent branding.
  • Directly manage major and critical developing client accounts, and coordinate the management of all other accounts to ensure the effective development of relations.
  • Participate in the development of new project proposals.
  • Establish and implement short and long-range goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.
  • Supervise the planning and development of company marketing and communications materials.
  • Represent the company at various community and/or business meetings to promote the company.
  • Supervise the preparation and delivery of sales materials, exhibits, and promotions.
  • Promote and/or develop positive relations with partners, vendors, and distributors.
  • Recommend and administer policies and procedures to enhance operations.
  • Work with top management and corporate staff to develop five-year and ten-year business plans for the company.
  • Establish and implement short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.
  • Serve on planning and policy-making committees.
  • Other duties as assigned.

*Extensive CFM56 and JT8D product knowledge is required*


Thorough experience in aviation, preferably to include engine maintenance and trading.


  1. Experience in strategic planning and execution. Knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change management. Knowledge of structuring sales quota goals and revenue expectations. Experience in planning marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and successful public relations efforts.
  2. Has a extensive network with the airlines/lessors globally
  3. Work requires professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills. Ability to motivate teams to produce quality materials within tight timeframes and simultaneously manage several projects. Ability to participate in and facilitate group meetings.
  4. This is normally acquired through a combination of a Master’s Degree in Marketing and ten years of experience in a senior-level sales and/or marketing position.

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